Designing of the Dredgers

Hydromec Maritime Solutions offers the modern and innovative projects of the dredges of various types and applications that are capable of solving the complex dredging goals.
Types of the dredgers:
- Self-propelled dredgers
- Non-self-propelled dredgers
- Cutter suction dredgers (crown cutter, bucket/multibucket dredge, clamshell, etc.)
- Hydraulic washing-out dredgers
- Trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD)
All dredgers are designed in accordance with the standarts of classification societies: Russian River Register , Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Bureau Veritas.
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Dredging Works

One of the Hydromec Maritime Solutions main directions are the consulting and engineering services in the sphere of dredging.
We rely on over 60 years of experience gained while working on the biggest dredging projects of USSR and Russia: aggradation works of the most part of hydroelectric power stations, dredging of the shipping channels, aggradation of the Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), as well as dam construction of Saint Petersburg flood protective structures.

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Automation system and data control

Our dredges are installed with the unique Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (Intelligent Dredging Assistant (IDA).

Intelligent Dredging Assistant is the system that monitors and controls the dredging operations of the whole complex of the dredging equipment: pumps, engines, fuel systems, bilge ballast systems, alarm systems, etc.

Satellite communication channels VSAT allow to login from any location via coast stations and monitor the work of the dredger in real time.

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Designing of the Special Fleet

Hydromec Maritime Solutions specializes on the special fleet designing such as: the multi-purpose cargo ships, container ships, tankers, bunkering vessels, ferries, icebreakers, research and buoy laying vessels, etc.
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Hydromec Maritime Solutions is the HYDROMEC Group subsidiary which specializes on the process equipment engineering, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers and Cutter Suction Dredgers designing as well as designing of the specialized vessels such as tankers, bunkering barges, buoy vessels, ice-breakers, etc.. Hydromec Maritime Solutions provides consultancy servises on the dredging equipment selection.

Hydromec Maritime Solutions.